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Hi and welcome!  I'm Jen

Some things about me........ I'm addicted to chocolate and chai and I loooove black & white images.  I love the Foo Fighters, Something for Kate, yoga, Community and Brooklyn nine nine. I collect tattoos and live in jeans, sneakers and a messy mum bun. I spend lots of time wrangling my tribe and I hate talking about myself which generally means I talk a lot of shit.

25+ years ago my Dad gave me his old SLR and Rolleicord and I was hooked! From there I studied for my Ad Dip. in Commercial Photography at CIT and in 2002 I joined the Public Service for a 19 year stint. Starting out in Film Preservation I moved into Digitisation & Photography and have also dabbled in Web Publishing and Comms & Marketing. 


After the birth of my second child in 2010, I started Everart Photography, focusing on capturing families, babies and weddings.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out via the contact form below.


Much love and stay safe in these crazy times.

Jen x

me and my motley crew a few years ago

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