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about me

Hi and welcome!  I'm Jen.

Some things about me........ I'm a big dag who's addicted to chocolate and coffee.  I love my family and friends, Foo Fighters, Something for Kate, yoga, Brooklyn nine nine, concerts, reading, lifting and camping. I wear glasses, love tattoos and rockabilly dresses (although I live in jeans). I have two handsome and crazy sons and one super sassy little lady.  I'm terrible with my business' social media,  I'm introverted (unless I've got the photographer persona on) and I hate talking about myself which means I generally talk too much shit (oh, and I swear, a lot). 

A life time ago my Dad gave me his old SLR and I learned to develop my B&W negs and prints. From there I was hooked on photography and studied for my Ad Dip. in Commercial Photography. In 2002 I joined the public service where by day I capture, retouch and print collection items and photograph people and events.  Other areas I have worked in include film preservation, web publishing and comms & marketing. 

In terms of my style, I love images that are clean & crisp with a full tonal range and I'm an absolute sucker for black & white photos.  Some of my brilliant clients have provided testimonials for you to read about their experiences. 


I'm available Wednesdays to Sundays; I’d love to talk to you about your vision and wishes so don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form or send an email to jen@everartphotography.com.  

jen x

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