about me

Hi and welcome!  I'm Jen

If you've found your way here I'm guessing it's from word of mouth as I tend to lay low and don't advertise so thank you to who pointed you my way 😊  


Some things about me........ I'm addicted to chocolate and coffee and I loooove black and white images with a soft focussed background.  I love the Foo Fighters, Something for Kate, yoga, Community, Brooklyn nine nine and camping. I collect tattoos and live in jeans, sneakers and a messy mum bun. I spend lots of time wrangling my three not so little humans and I hate talking about myself which generally means I talk a lot of shit.

Forever ago my Dad gave me his old SLR, I became hooked on photography and studied for my Ad Dip. in Commercial Photography. In 2002 I joined the Public Service where by day I captured collection items and photographed people + events, other areas I worked in include film preservation, web publishing and comms & marketing. After an 18 year stint, I recently left the PS to join an amazing team of photographers.  I'm no longer taking on new clients however previous clients can drop me a line in the contact form below.

Much love and stay safe in these crazy times.

Jen x

Cuddles at the gym with my Caely Bear

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